Drone Service Market Intelligence Study for Comprehensive Insights the COVID-19

Global Drone Service Market was valued US$ 3.5 Bn in 2017 and is expected to reach US$ 18 Bn by 2026, at CAGR of 22.72% during forecast period.

Drones can substitute traditional methods of operation in many business activities, this development arises after the Federal Aviation Administration extended permissions for commercial, non-hobbyist usage of drones. With minimum human operation and no safety infrastructure, drones can decrease time and costs. It can also increase data analytics, which allow companies to better understand and calculate operating performance. In some industries, drones will be even enabling new business models and opportunities.

As drone hardware are becoming more inexpensive to produce and purchase, manufacturing and the hardware itself will not drive industry growth going forward. Instead, services that work and manage drones for companies will produce most of the value. End-user companies will turn over services that operate drones, manage maintenance, and manage drone data, to third parties. For example, telecommunications companies may end up selling drone data communications services for managing drones and transmitting the data which they are collecting.

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Growing applications of drone services across several industries is one of the major driving factors which is contributing to the growth of global drone services market during forecast period. However, lack of skilled and trained workers and safety concerns during drone operations are major factors restraining the growth of global drone services market during forecast period.

North America is dominating the market with near about 44% share in global market. In U.S more than 325,000 drones were registered in FAA, and it is expected that more than 5 million drones will be shipped to U.S by 2020. Europe is being second largest market with more than 30% share in global drone services market. Growth in drone services market shows considerable potential, with European demand for drone services, market is projected to exceed US$ 7 billion by 2035 and over US$ 14 billion by 2050. In Asia Pacific, Australia occurred as a hotspot for drone service market and is the fastest growing market in Asia Pacific.

Major players operating in market include Drone Deploy, ABJ Drones, AeroVironment Inc, Workmode, Sky-Future Ltd.

Scope of Global Drone Service Market:

Global Drone Service Market by Type:

Multirotor Drone
Fixed Wing Drone

Global Drone Service Market by Service Type:

Long Duration Service
Short Duration Service

Global Drone Service Market by Application:

Disaster Risk Management & Mitigation Mapping & Surveying Aerial Photography  Remote Sensing Product Delivery Data Acquisition & Analytics Inspection & Environmental Monitoring 3D Modeling

Other Applications

Global Drone Service Market by Industry: Oil & Gas Agriculture Scientific Research Utility & Power Logistics Mining Insurance Media & Entertainment Infrastructure Security, Search & Rescue

Other Industries

Global Drone Service Market by Geography: North America Asia Pacific Europe Latin America

Middle East & Africa

Key Players Operated in Market Include: Drone Deploy ABJ Drones AeroVironment Inc. Workmode Sky-Future Ltd. Flyworx Avetics Hawk Aerial Airware Aerobo SenseFly Ltd. Cyberhawk Innovations Ltd. Trimble UAS Precision Hawk CAT UAV 3D Robotics, Inc. Agribotix LLC Kespry Measure Parrot SA PrecisionHawk, Inc. Propeller Aerobotics Pty Ltd. Skycatch, Inc. 4DMapper AirGon Pix4D Dronifi Sky-Futures Airpix Arch Aerial Llc Edall Systems Falcon Drone Services Phoenix Drone Services Llc Prioria Robotics Holdings Inc. Sharper Shape Inc.

Unmanned Experts Inc

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