InoBat Auto develops a revolutionary Electric Vehicle (EV) battery technology that allows customization

Environmental experts point out that the destruction of Earth’s protective covering, the ozone layer, is the primary cause of global warming and climate change. Scientists identified that greenhouse gases such as methane and CO2 deplete the layer, creating holes that permit destructive radiations from the Sun. Moreover, the heat energy from the Earth’s surface does not escape into the atmosphere, further increasing the temperatures. A phenomenon known as the greenhouse effect causes high temperatures. 

The transportation industry ranks as the top emitter of greenhouse gases. Many zero-emission initiatives continue to advocate for adopting electric vehicles to replace the high-emissions fossil-fuel-powered cars in the market. Some automakers decided to select a different approach by developing hybrid vehicles with near carbon-neutral technology. The EV adoption rate ranks low in most countries because many consumers and industry experts are uncertain of electric vehicle production’s sustainability.

Furthermore, establishing a robust network of fast-chargers for electric vehicles requires enormous investments. Most state governments and energy utility companies are unwilling to support initiatives that spearhead the development and construction of charging stations for EVs. Some communities continue to oppose the establishment of the fast-charging stations in areas they declare community property. 

Electric vehicle battery technology is a factor considered as crucial for Battery Electric Vehicles. BEVs are electric vehicles that rely on electrical energy in the battery to power all car systems, including the motor drivers for the wheels. The charge capacity of the battery determines the total mileage covered on a single charge. The battery determines the range for electric vehicles; better battery technologies improve the ranges. InoBat Auto, an automaker based in Slovakia, unveiled its revolutionary battery technology for electric cars. 

It took the company one year of planning, designing, and development to innovate the Gen1 lithium EV battery. Recent reports from expert market research indicate that the Gen1 is the first-ever EV battery developed using InoBat’s high-throughput technology and AI. Artificial Intelligence, an emerging technology, continues to find useful electric vehicle manufacture applications, renewable energy, and satellite communications optimization. 

InoBat developed a production method for the Gen1 lithium EV battery to develop high-quality battery customizations that are more efficient than conventional production methods. InoBat’s Gen1 battery packs up more electrical energy that increases the EV ranges by approximately 20%. The company pioneers the EV battery production that uses cutting-edge technologies to increase energy density, battery power, and lifespan. The Gen1 battery uses high nickel and low cobalt to improve the range of electric vehicles. In summary, InoBat’s production method minimizes reliance on cobalt, thereby boosting high energy density batteries. The cutting-edge battery technology aims to encourage the adoption of more electric vehicles, an initiative that will support an emission-free economy. 

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