Iranian cybercriminals under siege for utilizing data from satellite companies without authorization 

Three Iranian hackers are being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for allegedly hacking satellite operator data and taking out tracked data by the satellites conducting optical data tracking. The bureau is investigating a probable hack by these Iranians who later on relayed the data concerning the US aerospace and satellite technology to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). This terrorist group can use the data to threaten US agencies.

John C. Demers, an executive of National Security, explained that the hack could have delivered US space security’s potential intelligence after accessing America’s commercial space systems. He added that the US would not tolerate space intelligence theft after the country has worked its way to achieve this technology.

The FBI estimated that the level of intelligence that these hackers have accumulated must have taken about three years. The hackers must also have received financial support from the IRGC to supply all the data they tap from the American systems. 

The FBI also submitted that the suspects have been in possession of over 1000 accounts, with some of them directly linked to the US space companies with critical technology for developing new systems. Other companies in this mix are from Australia and the United Kingdom. 

The three suspected Iranian hackers are Said Pourkarim, Mohammad Bayati and Reza Espargham. The FBI added that it would be supplying the details linking these defendants to the hacks they have been tailing.

One of FBI’s directors, James A. Dawson, submitted that the defendants have been associating with accounts that bring them close to thousands of people’s details through the aerospace technology and intelligence. 

The FBI expounded on how the suspects cloned the details Americans to download aerospace data through satellite links. The agency added that the three defendants used the data to buy their way into America’s space systems and technology. 

The defendants then linked their cloned emails to receive data from the systems immediately. The space companies transmit it to their servers. The FBI admitted that the cloned details allowed the suspect’s undeniable access to all sensitive data. 

Finally, the FBI explained that the hack’s details are so alarming after submitting it to the court, hoping that the court would make the right judgment. The conspiracy of the hack could imprison the defendants if found guilty for two decades.

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