Detel Easy: The brand-new Electric Vehicle (EV) for smart mobility in cities

The movement from rural to urban settlements contribute to the ever-growing population in metropolitan regions in every country. People are in search of better infrastructure, amenities, and a prestigious lifestyle in cities. World statistics indicate that mobility is quite frustrating, with many opting for private vehicles rather than public transportation. The recent COVID-19 global pandemic worsens the situation because countries implemented measures to prevent the coronavirus spread. State governments-imposed regulations, such as limiting passengers’ numbers to prevent the virus’s person-to-person spread.

Moreover, countries continue to discourage gasoline-powered vehicles because they are significant carbon emitters that cause air pollution. Many commuters decided to purchase two-wheeler electric vehicles to support global initiatives for achieving zero-emission. Going electric by using battery-powered mobility is among the strategy to improve the air quality for sustainable cities. 

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) calls for innovations that help countries achieve SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities. An EV company recently unveiled a solution for the market’s challenges in mobility. The Detel Easy continues to become a modern electric vehicle that is easy to drive and maintain. The driving range for the Detel Easy is 60 kilometers for every full charge, and charging it takes 7-8 hours. The EV offers a convenient mode of movement between homes and offices, no more traffic jams that get you late for work. The EV market received the Detel Easy with much enthusiasm, as many consumers liked the idea of riding it.

Yogesh Bhatia, the founder and director of Detel said that many consumers already see Detel Easy as a necessity rather than a luxury. SG Mobility is the parent company for Detel technologies based in Gurgaon. The venture continues to earn a reputation in the ever-growing and competitive market for devices. Detel focuses on the development and production of affordable EV motorcycles that will utilize cutting-edge technologies. Yogesh Bhatia claims that the Detel Easy is the novel innovation that will earn the title for the world’s most affordable pioneer two-wheeler electric vehicle. 

Detel Easy is a new design with low maintenance, fast charging, ease of use, among other features of the EV model, going for Rs 19,999. Detel works with Bajaj Finserv to develop EMI funding schemes for its customers. The financial plan will help interested customers to purchase and maintain Detel Easy. Although test fails during try-outs, the final Detel Easy turns out better than its earlier visions. The trendy colours for EV bike include Metallic Red, Jet Black, and Pearl White. In conclusion, the product designers ensured that plastic components are few to produce an eco-friendly vehicle for the EV market.