California’s Governor Newsom opinion on the Transition to Electric Cars

The state of California is already a victim of the adverse effects of climate change. For instance, it set a new record of high temperatures in August. There is also the wildfires that have been rampant for more than a month now. 

As a precaution to avoid the same fate in the future, the government and doing what it can to deal with climate change. One such initiative is a move by the Governor to ensure that the only energy sources by 2045 are the ones that don’t produce emissions. Another policy was eliminating sales of new gasoline-powered vehicles not later than 2035. However, its residents will still be at liberty to own or sell a car powered by diesel or gasoline from the used-vehicle market after 2035.

If that were to become a reality, California would make history by being the first state of the United States of America to have such a ban. There are other 15 countries with the same vision, among them Germany and France.

The executive order got a harsh response from the White House through its spokesman. According to Judd Deere, it was an extreme move that could have dire consequences such as high costs of living and job loss.

Newson’s interview with All Things Considers gave the Governor a platform to respond to the White House‘s allegations. When responding to whether the state’s deadline was realistic, he mentioned a plan and a strategy. He also noted that they wouldn’t be starting from scratch since they are already producing 50% of its electricity from non-carbo sources. 34% is from renewable places as well. They will also be relying on battery storage technology, which has even kicked off.

Regarding the impact of electric cars’ high costs on the affordability crisis that the state is already experiencing, he says that maintaining a status quo would be worse. He also said that there is a need for change if the government improved manufacturing, development, research, innovation, and investment. The Governor also feels that the prices of electric vehicles will increase within no time.

To literate on what Trump’s administration said about the idea, he used words such as gobbledygook, nonsense, and non-factual. He also added that the argument is not only not exciting but also stale for that matter. He based his view on statistics that the number of green jobs in California is more than those associated with fossil fuels five times.

He also feels that that’s where the rest of the world is headed, and California should follow suit. After all, most countries seem to be moving towards zero-emission cars and electric vehicles. Newson also said that he was, to some extent, embarrassed by what the White House said about the plan. However, he finds the transition necessary for the sake of climate and economy.