Binance Academy Launches Beta Version, Looks to Incentivize Course Takers in BNB Tokens


In the program announcement, the company stresses on providing universal and comprehensible mechanism of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency education. 

The cryptocurrency success in 2017 attracted lots of new people to the world of digital currency. Even those who were completely unaware of what a cryptocurrency is couldn’t resist taking part in the ‘fever’. Moreover, cryptocurrencies alluring for those who did not know what technology they are based on. However, once started investing, people wanted to know what cryptocurrencies and blockchain are in essence. They wanted to find ways to change the existing financial system.

Demand begets supply, and soon new participants appeared on the market who wanted to train others the basics of the innovative technology. Nevertheless, the niche is still underfilled, and cryptocommunity is in great demand of a quick, simple, and convenient platform that would provide knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Binance, the largest exchange to date, decided to come with its own solution for the problem. The company introduced beta of its newly developed blockchain education program with an apt title Binance Academy.

In the program announcement, the company stresses on providing universal and comprehensible mechanism of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency education. The education program will embrace many relevant topics starting with basics and be discussing the deepest aspects of the technology later on.

At the time, the platform already offers some topics, including blockchain technology, coins, tokens, mining, cryptocurrency wallets, safety and many more. The company promises to increase supply of topics on a regular basis.

The launch of Binance Academy was an important step in the company’s history since not only it strengthens users’ knowledge, but also contributes to the entire community providing reliable and free education materials for users in the cryptocurrency field.

Changpeng Zhao, Binance CEO, says that the aim of Binance Academy is to disseminate knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrencies with open access, both for consumers and content authors. Thus, users may propose new topics for exploration or send their own articles.

Binance first announced its education program in May this year. Back then the project team addressed its users to help with content creation. Now, the exchange awaits for more users who want to take part in filling the platform with new content.

One must consider that every piece of content is strictly moderated before publication as company accepts only high-quality information. However, the system is tokenized, i. e. users are incentivized by a reward for their valuable contribution. The maximum reward is 200 BNB for one topic.

It’s important to note that blockchain and cryptocurrency education becomes more and more demanded. Today it’s not only provided by online resources but also offered in the world’s leading universities.

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