Google Cloud Partners With Digital Asset to Bring Blockchain to Its Platform


As blockchain technologies are becoming more popular and demanded, many big companies strive to adopt them. Now, Google has teamed up with Digital Asset with a goal to weave the blockchain into Google Cloud services. In this cooperation, Digital Asset, which is a known developer in distributed ledger technologies field, will provide Google with all necessary dev kits. Google will become able to test things with DAML, a programming language for smart contracts development. All this will make it much easier for Google to enter the blockchain arena.

Blythe Masters, the head of Digital Asset, gave a comment regarding the partnership. He said that its aim is to “provide developers with a full stack solution so they can unleash the potential for web-paced innovation in blockchain.” Consequently, Google Cloud will obtain advanced distributed ledger platform and modelling language and become able to freely develop dApps.

Nevertheless, Google Cloud is not the only gigantic cloud provider involved in blockchain adoption - Amazon Web Services, the largest provider, has employed a system that allows creating Ethereum or Hyperledger Fabric based framework on it. Microsoft Azure also supports Corda in the same way along with the two mentioned frameworks.

Google Cloud is strengthening its blockchain intervention by partnering with Digital Asset. Recently, the company has also partnered with BlockApps - another blockchain developer. Looks like Google is trying to create a solid foundation for its future blockchain initiatives.

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