Coinbase Continues to Expand – the Google of Crypto?

Coinbase is the most popular service in the world that gives us the opportunity to work with crypto. 

Coinbase is the most popular service in the world that gives us the opportunity to work with crypto. It seems like the company now has serious plans on development of its Ethereum ecosystem. After announcement of the support of ERC20 standard in the late March, Coinbase acquired dApp browser and wallet Cipher Browser, integrated with Ethereum blockchain.

In the aftermath of the acquisition, some of Cipher Browser features will be integrated into Toshi, an Ethereum mobile browser developed by Coinbase. Founder of Cipher Browser Peter Jihoon Kim is now the head of Toshi.

Coinbase has not revealed any details so far about the listing of supported ERC20 tokens. Presumably, the company is awaiting for the decision of US government about legal status of several digital assets.

It is highly probable that when the listing of supported tokens in the range of ERC20 goes public, all tokens based on this standard will get serious boost in princes. Thus, the discussions of the topic continue to be highly debated in cryptocurrency community.

It seems like Coinbase aims to position itself as Google of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Recently, the company hired Emilie Choi as their vice president of corporate and business development. According to Coinbase, the new employee will “ move Coinbase into new markets and opportunities globally by leveraging acquisitions, strategic investments and partnerships.”

The popular cryptocurrency broker has also established a ventures fund having a goal to invest in the most promising projects in cryptocurrency and blockchain area. Coinbase has already assigned $15 million to the fund and said that soon it would invest more.

Top-10 ICO projects on

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400.77 ↑ 108
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583.41 ↓ -10
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