Small satellites are displaying their necessity in Earth science

Recently, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) has been championing for small satellites in the Small Satellite Conferences. The association started naming and awarding the best performing small satellite companies to encourage more progress in this sector.  Missions like HARP started studying cloud and atmospheric particles to display their importance in the field […]


Iranian cybercriminals under siege for utilizing data from satellite companies without authorization

Three Iranian hackers are being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for allegedly hacking satellite operator data and taking out tracked data by the satellites conducting optical data tracking. The bureau is investigating a probable hack by these Iranians who later on relayed the data concerning the US aerospace and satellite technology to […]


Swarm Technologies rolls out a $5 proposal to connect devices

Swarm Technologies, located in San Francisco, has revealed that it will be data connection and transfer services for $5 monthly for a single device throughout the subscription. Over 200 firms have applied to utilize this network, according to a report released by Swarm Technologies chief executive, Sara Spangelo. Swarm Technologies intends to finalize the 150-satellite […]


InoBat Auto develops a revolutionary Electric Vehicle (EV) battery technology that allows customization

Environmental experts point out that the destruction of Earth’s protective covering, the ozone layer, is the primary cause of global warming and climate change. Scientists identified that greenhouse gases such as methane and CO2 deplete the layer, creating holes that permit destructive radiations from the Sun. Moreover, the heat energy from the Earth’s surface does […]


Astroscale’s Series E funding of $51 million increases its investment to a total of $191 million

Humanity’s ambitious goal to explore outer space continues to spearhead the increasing number of space mission launches that send spacecraft and satellites into Earth’s lower orbit. The primary concern with massive satellite constellations is space debris accumulation, such as unfunctional satellites and unreusable rocket boosters. Experts and astronomers said that the clusters of satellites interfere […]


Japan and Indian Space Explorations to resume in November

The global pandemic, Coronavirus, has affected many sectors, including space launches. Fortunately, Japan and India are now ready to resume launch activities. For instance, India prepares to launch the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle C49 (PSLV C49) in early November. According to a statement by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) chairman, K. Sivan. Sivan spoke […]


Developers of a pioneer Exoplanet Satellite collect the first-ever data that identifies planets with extreme environments

Natural resources on planet Earth continue to shrink from over-utilization by overpopulation. Rapid industrialization and increasing need for settlement areas continue to demand more than what mother nature can offer. Despite measures set to regulate the disposal of industrial refuse and byproduct gases, the environment is still under threat. Nations continue to endorse environmental conservation […]


The Satellite developed by the University of Hawaiʻi to measure space neutrons 

Recent innovations in space technologies continue to open up new possibilities for exploring other planets, space bodies, and resources such as rock materials on asteroids and planets’ surfaces. Space agencies and expedition corporations fund projects that encourage the development of spacecraft, satellites, and other space equipment to pioneer state-of-the-art technologies that achieve humanity’s vision of […]