New alarming national energy outbursts concerning NZ renewable energy 

Speculations surrounding renewable energy indicate that renewable energy was growing faster while under the National government than it is doing under Labour leadership. AAP FactCheck Investigation will be explaining the validity of this statement in this article. Simeon Brown of the National Party argues that while they were in government, the renewables witnessed a 16.5 […]


Iranian cybercriminals under siege for utilizing data from satellite companies without authorization 

Three Iranian hackers are being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for allegedly hacking satellite operator data and taking out tracked data by the satellites conducting optical data tracking. The bureau is investigating a probable hack by these Iranians who later on relayed the data concerning the US aerospace and satellite technology to […]


Affordable, high-performance electric vehicle batteries will be available in 2023 – Elon Musk

Elon Musk explained that Tesla would be supplying cheap, durable, and high-performance electric vehicle batteries in the coming three years.  Musk reported that this type of battery would give more energy than the current cells, perform six times better than the current models, and raise the mileage range by close to 20%. He admitted that […]


Electric vehicle giants, Tesla and Nikola, preparing to unveil their batteries 

Tesla intends to display its newest battery for electric vehicles in the upcoming annual meeting. The company will be rolling out its battery while detailing the mileage range, the substitute materials for cobalt, and how they will be reducing the production costs of the batteries. Tesla cannot wholly take credit for developing the battery since […]